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Advances in Tourism Research 2010: Programme

The preliminary program for the Conference is the following.

November 9t
November 10t
  Registration at the Welcome Desk Parallel Sessions
10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
  Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speaker Parallel Sessions
  Lunch Lunch
14:00 Conference Excursion and Social Dinner Parallel Sessions
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Parallel Sessions
17:00 Closing Ceremony


Final detailed programme for the Conference:

Registration at the Welcome Desk
(Tuesday, 9-November-2010, 9h00)


Session T 1.3 - Tourism Planning and Sustainable Tourism
(Tuesday, 9-November-2010, 9h30-11h00)

Chair: Professor Pedro Cravo - Polytechnic Institute of Beja - Portugal

Room Feijoo          Language: English

Tod Jones, John Glasson, David Wood, Beth Fulton
Regional Planning, Tourism and Resilient Destinations: Destination Modelling for Sustainable Tourism Planning

Velázquez G., Valderrama J., Flores J., Ruiz J.
Strategies in Planning Tourism: Priorities and New Alternatives

Manuel A. B. Salgado, Fernando M. F. R. De Lemos, Carlos M. M. Costa, Adília R. Ramos
Tourism Education: regional observatory for Center Region


11h00 - 11h30: Coffee Break


Plenary Session - Invited Talk
(Tuesday, 9-November-2010, 11h30-12h30)

Chair: Professor Guillermo Pérez-Bustamante - University of Oviedo - Spain

Room Campomanes          Language: English

Professor César Camisón Zornoza - University Jaume I - Spain
The Competitiveness of Spanish Tourism Firms: Strategy, Industry and Destination Effects




Session W 1.3 - Regional and Eco-Tourism Issues
(Wednesday, 10-November-2010, 09h30-11h00)

Chair: Professor Manuel Salgado - Polytechnic Institute of Guarda - Portugal

Room Sella          Language: English

Li Changqiu
Research on Exploitable Potentiality Evaluation of Regional Agricultural Tourism Resources

Pedro Cravo
Valuing Underwater Archaeological Heritage of Quarteira

Wang Qian
Overall Reflections on Establishing China's Ecotourism Legislative System

Jorge Morgan, Onesimo Cuamea, Ramona Valle, Luis Moreno
Emergent Actions to Confront Tourism Needs in a Binational Region. Case: Tijuana, Mexico

Pedro Cravo
Potentialities and Problems of Rural Tourism


11h00 - 11h30: Coffee Break


Session W 2.3 - Websites and Digital Content
(Wednesday, 10-November-2010, 11h30-13h00)

Chair: Professor Tod Jones - Curtin University - Australia

Room Feijoo          Language: English

Guillermo Pérez-Bustamante Ilander
The Design of Effective Destination Websites: An Exploratory Analysis Focusing on its Content

Raquel Camprubi, Núria Galí
Induced Tourism Image of Paris through Websites

Suzanne Amaro, Cristina Barroco, Joaquim Antunes
The Internet as an Important Tool in Developing the Dao Wine Route Network: A study of the Dao Wine Route Websites


12h30 - 14h30: Lunch


Session W 3.3 - Social Media and Hyper-Mediated Spaces
(Wednesday, 10-November-2010, 14h30-16h00)

Chair: Professor Ricardo Verján Quiñones - Autonomous University of Baja California - Mexico

Room Deva          Language: English

Asunción Fernández-Villarán, Ainara Rodríguez, Raul Amestoy
Reflexions on the Implementation of the Social Media as a Factor of Innovation in the Tourism Sector

Vitor Roque, Pedro Duarte
Social Networks at the Service of Tourism - The InforTur platform

Alace Taupau
Hyper-Mediated Tourist Spaces

Pedro Cravo
Internet and Tourism


16h00 - 16h30: Coffee Break


Session W 4.3 - Marketing and Tourist Experiences
(Wednesday, 10-November-2010, 16h30-18h00)

Chair: Professor Beatriz Forés Julián - University Jaume I - Spain

Room feijoo          Language: English

Anke Schneider, Amata Ring
Leaving Content Behind. Unraveling Emotions hidden in Picture Composition

J. Gabriel Ruiz Andrade, Omaira C. Martínez Moreno, Ricardo Verján Quiñones, Margarita Ramírez Torres
Promotion as Marketing Strategy to Improve the Tourism Sector: A Case Study in Mexico

Li Changqiu
A Convenient Method of Customer Value Identification in Tourist Hotel

I-yin Yen
Examination of Ambivalent Tourism Attitude: From the Residents’ Perspective

Pedro Cravo
Satisfaction with the Touristic Experience: Application of a Nonlinear Estimation Model


Closing Ceremony
(Wednesday, 10-November-2010, 18h00-18h30)

Room Campomanes          Language: English

Professor Ronald Spahr - University of Memphis - USA
Closing Speech

Professor Pedro Cravo - Polytechnic Institute of Beja - Portugal
Conference's Statistics


If you're an author, please, follow the next guidelines for presenters:


  • Presenters should get the updated Programme that is distributed with the conference bags, search for their presentation slot and be in the presentation room 5 minutes before the session starts. The presentations are performed by the order the papers appear in the Programme except if anyone requests for changes and the session chair agrees to them. Conference presenters must follow session chairs indications and comply with the presentation times that they are allowed to.

  • Each presenter will have 15 to 20 minutes for presentation and 5 to 10 minutes for discussion. IASK staff will provide you with a laptop and projector for your presentation. Each room has one laptop that can be used for your presentation. There is also a computer projector for Power Point presentations. There's no overhead projector. All authors are required to bring their presentations in electronic format (i.e., Power Point).

  • As a precaution, presentations can be previously emailed to [email protected].

  • Please Note: certificates will only be delivered after presentations.

  • Please contact IASK Secretariat on arrival if you have any specific requirements.


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